We are a civil and structural engineering firm based in London with over 16 years experience in the design of building structures across all construction sectors. Formerly ‘C&R Design’ and now trading as AMA Consulting Engineers, we provide intelligent, efficient and bespoke solutions for small to large-scale multi-million pound projects - solutions that are firmly based on an individual client’s requirements.

From working collaboratively with architects, to delivering good, clear drawings that visualise the solution, we expertly define and refine the design during the end to end process to minimise unnecessary complexities that can escalate costs, whilst never compromising on a client’s vision or the quality of output.

Our established network of strong working relationships with consultants and contractors, coupled with the fact that we are frequently recommended by word of mouth as well as winning contracts through tenders, have resulted in a portfolio of work which showcases a wide variety of projects.

AMA offers diverse expertise, experience, highly qualified professionals and depth of knowledge of the construction industry. For clients this means we draw information from many different areas to provide cost effective solutions for all types of contracts, and senior decision-making personnel at AMA are always on hand throughout the project lifecycle.

We firmly believe that intelligent design is paramount. By understanding, for example, building lifecycles, materials fabrication, and how buildings can be constructed, we drive efficiencies which therefore lower overall construction costs. Our design input can be project focused, from intricate, architecturally led visions, to heavy enabling works for construction companies.

The backbone to intelligent design is conveying it effectively and efficiently to clients. We use the latest computer analysis and drawing software to optimise our consultancy time and produce economic structural designs that visualise the solution.